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About MTM
Mission statement: To provide a multi-layered interactive youth and community development program designed to expose low income and the under-served youth to the essential elements of college readiness and entrepreneurship. Pathways to College or Entrepreneurship program was designed to engage, prepare, inspire, motivate, train and educate youth to the crucial areas of decision making after high school graduation. 
The MTM Foundation started with a youth's interest in college where the Founder and Director, James Henderson, was volunteering at Barclay Recreation Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The young man expressed an interest in attending an Ivy League college and my persistence on him attending a local Historically Black College or University (HBCU). He asked if I could plan an HBCU and Ivy League college tour.  A week later, this youth’s voice inspired and invited a few of his friends and it grew from there.  A few weeks later, I had to enlist the help of MTM Foundation to conduct the first out of state STEM college tour and entrepreneurship program.  A year later, we have included tutoring, writing courses, FAFSA training for parents, SAT/ACT college preparation with a focus on mathematics, elevator pitch competition and entrepreneurship. 

With persistence, hard-work & dedication, MTM has increased the number of participants from 22 in 2015 to 54 in 2018.  As of June 2018, after tracking youth participation by our Youth Advocates and Director we are excited to report 40% of participants are in college, 48% still in High School, 7% registered entrepreneurs, 3% employed and 2% unknown.